English Council Cert-TESOL course

September 15th, 2011Posted by admin

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. EC Cert TESOL could be your passport to travel anywhere in the world, to be able to teach others what is now basically, the world language. Completion of this course will open up many opportunities for you to take up your first post as a teacher of English as a Second Language and will give you a firm foundation for self-evaluation and further professional development. To qualify for the EC Cert TESOL, trainees must undertake the course with full commitment and complete all assignments, including teaching practice, to the required standard set by the English Council’s Examination Board.

Improving the English Language

September 2nd, 2010Posted by admin

Improving the English Language…
Having chosen English as the preferred language in the EEC, the European Parliament has commissioned a feasibility study in ways of improving efficiency in communications between Government departments.
European officials have often pointed out that English spelling is unnecessarily difficult; for example: cough, plough, rough, through and thorough. What is clearly needed is [...]

Why do Americans call themselves Native English Speakers?

April 17th, 2010Posted by admin

Why are Americans called Native English Speakers?
Here at the English Council, the other day, we were asked this question and it has set us all thinking now. It is a fact that many aspects of English are different from American, to such an extent that it could be construed as a different language all together. [...]

To be or not to be English

March 7th, 2010Posted by admin

To be or not to be, “English”? That is the question, the question in deed.
One of our registered teachers recently when to China to teach English and was shocked to find the depth of ignorance there or is it just the depth of success in our politicians, destroying the actual existence of England, the country. [...]

English is our Common Bond

February 23rd, 2010Posted by admin

Our common bond here at the English Council is not only the English Language, which is getting abused and misused throughout the world but also the English culture, which is constantly being diluted and polluted and England it’s self which is under attack from both within and without, with the likes of Prescot, denouncing its [...]

Are you English or British?

February 22nd, 2010Posted by admin

Are you English or British? That is the question.
 Let me play devil’s advocate to stir you all up.
 What does it mean to be British? Well when you think about it seriously it means nothing. Nothing except you have managed to get a British passport. You could be any old Tom, Dick or Patel for all [...]

English the World Language

February 16th, 2010Posted by admin

The World Language
Part of our TESOL on-line course.            
 The first significant step in the progress of English towards its status as a world language began through the voyages of English sailors at the end of the 18th century, notably the journeys of Captain Cook in the 1770s.  At that time, the number of mother-tongue English [...]

Introduction to TESOL/TEFL course

February 2nd, 2010Posted by admin

Introduction to TESOL/TEFL course. This course is an introduction to the world of TESOL. The course has been designed especially for those with little experience of teaching English as a second language and whom wishes to discover his/her own aptitude and suitability before committing him/herself to the expense and length of a full English language [...]

TESOL On-line course

November 29th, 2009Posted by admin

TESOL On-line course
At last the English Council’s TESOL On-line courses are up and running, so now everyone can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge contained in the courses. You can go direct to Certificated TESOL On-line course http://www.englishcouncil.co.uk/tesol2.php or take a look at the world of TESOL with the Introduction to TESOL On-line course. http://www.englishcouncil.co.uk/tesol1.php [...]

The English Language

November 27th, 2009Posted by admin

English is now the universal language of the world, mainly because it is made up from all of the world’s languages. From its conception over 1,540 years ago in England, words from every language have helped to make up the English language. This is the strength of English. The increase of English Learning nowadays throughout the world has [...]