English is our Common Bond

Our common bond here at the English Council is not only the English Language, which is getting abused and misused throughout the world but also the English culture, which is constantly being diluted and polluted and England it’s self which is under attack from both within and without, with the likes of Prescot, denouncing its existence. All this is part of the infestation of Europe undermining every aspect of what was once a proud and strong country that all others envied. The undermining and systematic destruction of England has been ongoing since 1952, if not before. Over the centuries it has been the dream and desires of many a European Leader and bureaucrat to control and humble England. Now all made possible through our own so-called politicians.  People, whom we have put our trust in, have tricked and deceived us since the conception of the EU, An idea conceived deep within the seeds of tyranny.

The English Council is not in any way political but our aim and our mission is always to preserve and protect the English Language, the English culture, English Traditions, English History and England the country.

We welcome any input and support.

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