Are you English or British?

Are you English or British? That is the question.

 Let me play devil’s advocate to stir you all up.

 What does it mean to be British? Well when you think about it seriously it means nothing. Nothing except you have managed to get a British passport. You could be any old Tom, Dick or Patel for all it matters.

To be British is probably an insult to most English people, who cannot have an English passport, do not have an English parliament, and do not have an English National Anthem. The English flag is seen as, at best the Red Cross or at worst England football. People of the world have no idea about England now.

If you say you are from England or you are English, I have had some Americans say, “What part of London is that” dear dear dear, what ever next.

In Asia, especially China, they do not seem to have a clue about England, “the country”

England is a country, in fact the largest country of the united kingdom, UK. The British Isles, a number of Islands near Europe.

Even though an obnoxious ex British politician, John Prescot I think his name was, once said “there is no such nationality as English”.  Whom does he think he is, we know he is Welsh and we have to make allowances for this but come on? What an insult to all English people.

Personally, travelling the world, teaching English around the world, and teaching students from all parts of the world, I am saddened by this. By the fact that we cannot stand up and say we are English and be proud of it anymore.

What do you think?

Bring it on; let us hear what you all have to say about this.

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17 Responses to “Are you English or British?”

  1. Stephen Gash Says:

    I’m English not British. Independence for England.

    John Prescott is Welsh and wrote “there is no such nationality as English”.

  2. keith Says:

    Dear Stephen Gash
    Thank you for your reply to our article: Are you English or British.
    Good to hear you consider yourself English and not British.
    Also thank you for updating us on the words spoken by John Prescott.
    Who does he think he is or was, although he was probably only stating what they have decided because of the infestation of Europe into the running of England.
    Feel free to enlighten us all more about England, at any time.

  3. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont Says:

    English first, second, last and always.

  4. S. Edge Says:

    I am English as you say anyone can be British if they can gey a British passport. Roll on English Independance.

  5. bfe Says:

    I am English through and through.
    And i want total indpendence for England.

  6. I Albion Says:

    I am English,i have a feeling that we will all have to do a “Spartacus” before long,let’s hope we don’t end up like him!

  7. britologywatch Says:

    Don’t worry, Keith; you’re far from alone in your sentiments.

  8. Alfred the OK Says:

    English. End of.

  9. David S. Says:

    Resolutely English!

  10. Michael Says:

    I am deeply interested in this topic..
    It is close to my heart, the deception we have lived under for so long is destroying what I love most my ENGLAND…
    So English Teachers lets teach true English..
    through out the WORLD.

  11. Patrick Harris Says:

    English although I won’t be permitted to say so in the 2011 census.
    I once emailed Ken Livingstone, the then Mayor of London,indicating that Cardiff is the capital of Wales which is home to the Welsh nation. Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland which is home to the Scottish nation. As London is the capital of England what nationality would you profess to be?
    One of his minions replied thanking me for the enquiry and informed me that Mr. Livingstone deemed himself to be a Londoner first and that as London was a cosmopolitan city he was a man of the world.

    When our teams returned from the Peking Olympic games I noticed that “Team Scotland” was paraded in Edinburgh. “Team Wales” was paraded in Cardiff and “Team Britain” (which incuded the English team) was paraded in London.
    I emailed Boris Johnson and asked when “Team england” would be paraded, silence came the loud reply.

    Some people are going to have to do a lot of explaining on the opening day of the English Parliament.

  12. Andy Cooper Says:

    Quite right, in todays multi racial Britain anyone can be British therefore British has no identity and so does not exist.

    Unfortunately there are those who would now do the same with English identity. Where any Tom Dick or Patel can be English and not just citizens of England.
    They have a belief that someone can think themselves English and while there is a benefit in doing so then every Tom Dick and Patel will say “oh yes Im English” but as soon as it is a case of minority preferential treatment then those same English are also Polish, Iraqi, Pakistani etc

    Devolution and Positive Discrimination has made the English the most discriminated against racial group in Briton.
    Why….because this Government have undermined the majority racial group in order to push through their agenda of selling off and selling out our country to the highest foreign bidders.

    An English parliament would see an end to the preferential treatment given to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We would have the free prescriptions, and student grants etc.
    We would see our pensioners in nursing homes funded by our tax money.
    We would get the Cancer, Alziemers, blindness treatments denied us yet enjoyed by Scots and Welsh patients.

    An end to Positive Discrimination (how can any discrimination be Positive) would see no need for Miss Black Great Briton, Black housing federation, Black History month, Black police federation etc and just have one organisation which represents everyone regardless of colour.

    Most of new jobs are going to foreigners, immigration will affect approx 75% of any future population growth, white Children (English) are amongst the worst results in schooling.

    If two equals apply for a job then the employer can chose to employ a person because of his/her skin colour.

    We English are waking up to the fact our country and our identity are being eroded from within.

    The media have begun to catch on to this change in the mood of the English people.
    Immigration concerns are no longer looked upon as being racist.

    We are the English and a change is coming.

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