Introduction to TESOL course

This course is an introduction to TESOL course, it is designed for the trainee with no experience of teaching English as a second language and who wishes to discover his/her own aptitude and suitability before committing him/herself to the expense and length of a full English language teaching qualification course.

Completion of this course will qualify you as a Teaching Assistant for ESOL in all English Council registered schools and many others. This course is also suitable if you are a student thinking of taking a year out before or during university or taking a summer job in TESOL.

Trainees must be at least eighteen years old and at this stage they must demonstrate a good level of spoken English, whether or not English is their first language. The course is designed to equip trainees with the basic skills and knowledge needed to give them a firm foundation for self-evaluation and further professional development. It must be stressed that this is an initial pre-qualification course only. After completing these course trainees will be “assistant” teacher level. On completion of this course trainees will have enough insight of TESOL to be able to decide whether they wish to continue. For trainees to continue on to level two they must first have completed all assignments, projects and tests of the level one course, to the standard set by the English Council Examination Board.

The Introduction to TESOL course consists of five two hour lessons plus five assignments allowing trainees an insight into all aspects of a fully certificate course:

1. Language awareness; an overview of all aspects of English grammar.

2. Language awareness; an overview of all aspects of phonology.

3. Teaching awareness; methodology, classroom management, techniques & record keeping.

4. Materials compilation; planning, producing and evaluating classroom teaching materials .

5. Learner profile; linguistic profile, needs analysis for students and testing methods.

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