To be or not to be English

To be or not to be, “English”? That is the question, the question in deed.

One of our registered teachers recently when to China to teach English and was shocked to find the depth of ignorance there or is it just the depth of success in our politicians, destroying the actual existence of England, the country. As we all know England is a country, in fact the largest country of Britain (it seems a little facetious to say Great Britain any more).

Our teacher filled out his Immigration form saying he was English as all English people should, but the authorities could not comprehend the fact that he had a British passport. He tried to explain that he could not get an English passport and was forced to have a British passport. This really baffled the Policeman in-charge of Immigration control in the fairly modern but backwater Town in China.

Eventually, after looking in many reference books the police officer found the connection between England and Britain. How sad this is, that what was once the most powerful and advanced country in the world has been reduced to a mere mention in some reference book, especially in a country that is begging for our language, English.

Let us know if you have had any similar experiences when you said you were English.

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